Welcome to LEAF Technology

LEAF is start-up born french-speaking part of Switzerland in 2018. Our adventure is guided by the approaches of Design ThinkingLean Startup and Agile development.


José Boschetti

Make the best decisions for the future of your business.

Working in the fiduciary sector since 2010. José knows the nuts and bolts of the Swiss financial system. Inspired by technological breakthroughs, he is constantly improving the business. Serial entrepreneur, he wants to build a new vision and disrupt the way the ecosystem will work tomorrow.

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Farhdine Boutzakhti

Beyond the idea, the important thing is the execution.

Passionate with technology, Farhdine has been involved throughout the entire software development cycle as a swiss knife for finance and industry worldwide for more than 10 years. As a facilitator, he wants to answer users’ needs and help them fulfil their life projects.

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Romain Felden

Tech is not limited to code but focuses on providing value.

Tinkering with computers since 1994, Romain has been involved in many development projects and consulting assignments for startups and well established companies. He strives to build great products with great teams, focusing on empowering people.

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Jeremy Gobet

Create viable solutions, adapted to users’ needs by bringing continuous value.

Active in diverse technology areas for the last decade Jeremy fostered innovation within start-ups, banks and public organisations, taking down technology walls and impediments. Curious and creative, he wants to bring meaningful services to the people and deliver the best value.

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